Below at our Animal Advocacy country overview page, you find a selection of important multidisciplinary research analyses on animal advocacy (movements) related to different countries / regions.
These articles are especially relevant for the planned FEWD research project on “Animal Advocacy in CEE – Central and Eastern Europe.” And the related central FEWD project part “The
Animal Advocacy Online Anthology“, see https://fewd.univie.ac.at/aa/anthology/  

This project is in several aspects part of the thematic broader FEWD project
"Humanistic discourses, civil society and social movements in 
BulgariaRomania and the Western Balkans

Especially important is to establish the animal advocacy topics in the already well-established European Sociological Association Research Network Social Movements and the two Social Movement committees at the International Sociological Association See https://fewd.univie.ac.at/aa/social-sciences/movement/   and  https://fewd.univie.ac.at/humanism/sources/handbooks-social-movements/

A general animal advocacy bibliography dealing with the more theoretical topics is online at https://fewd.univie.ac.at/aa/bibliography/articles/

Especially worth to mention is “Politics and Animals”, a peer reviewed open-source journal since 2015. See a selection of most relevant articles for this FEWD project. See https://fewd.univie.ac.at/aa/journals/politics-and-animals/

 For many researchers, the following selection of articles about animal advocacy in different countries / regions are at the moment the leading (classic) research analyses.

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