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Welcome to the multi- and interdisciplinary FEWD Animal Advocacy platform - AAP!

 Online at  https://fewd.univie.ac.at/aa/ 
via www.animal-advocacy.net & www.animal-advocacy.eu 

 Since 2001 the internationally oriented, multi- and interdisciplinary FEWD project Animal Advocacy Platform - AAP  www.animal-advocacy.eu  connects and supports academic research on animal advocacy and related topics. 
The main focus is at the moment on Europe and especially CEEC - Central and Eastern European Countries.  

This AA platform is coordinated by the FEWD https://fewd.univie.ac.at/english/  at University of Vienna. 
The multidisciplinary AAP advisory board includes researcher like Prof. Robert Garner and other leading academics.
The umbrella term animal advocacy should cover relevant discourses in the context of animal welfare / law / rights / liberation and their movements. 
Especially in newer academic research and publications the term animal advocacy is used with this meaning.
Already in the year 1986 a group of students and academics at University of Vienna, Salzburg and Graz formed the multidisciplinary Austrian platform “Students for animal welfare and animal rights - SAWAR”.
From 1986 till the founding of the FEWD in the year 2001 members of the SAWAR searched regularly in all relevant databases
They collected books and especially articles from peer-reviewed journals for seminars, reading and discussion circle.

Since 2001 the FEWD organizes all relevant entries – back to 1970 – in a bibliography and additionally in an internal full text archive for animal advocacy.
So the main goal of the FEWD coordinated AA platform  is since many years to motivate and support master / doctoral students and more established researcher – especially post-docs – to do research on the different topics of animal advocacy.
For publication we support and cooperate with all leading journals and publishers on this field. And additionally, the FEWD tries to invite since 2001 authors for a lecture at University of Vienna or to other relevant conferences in Europe.
 For more information please send us an email: fewd.philosophie@univie.ac.at




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