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(Please visit also our VAAL - Vienna Animal Advocacy Lecture" - dealing since 2001 mainly with these topics)

 “The importance of cognitive appeals is effectively explored in the animal rights movement, in which protesters have strategically opted for logical, rational arguments specifically to deflect criticism of sentimentality and playing to emotions”. - S. Buechler

 "In spite of the great tradition in social movement studies, Italy completely lacks any contribution regarding animal advocacy from the point of view of political sociology. N. Bertuzzi.

A lack of such (systematic) research exists not only regarding to Italy. So, one main goal of our FEWD animal advocacy project is to organize a multidisciplinary research workshop on the different aspects of the animal advocacy movements.
And we will start geographically with a focus mainly on CEEC and there with the Balkan region.

 Inspiration for this FEWD project we receive beside different disciplines in the humanities especially from sociology and political science.
For example the European Sociological Association Research Network Social Movements  

 The International Sociological Association with Research Committee 47 Social Classes and Social Movements / and Research Committee 48 Social Movements, Collective Action and Social  Change    

And certainly we thank especially for different inspiration the American Sociological Association / Animal and Society Section   and the British Sociological Association /  Animal/Human Studies Group (AHSG)  

For the beginning please visit also our bibliography with a main focus on animal advocacy movement