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Welcome to the history of VAAL -  Vienna Animal Advocacy Lectures at University of Vienna.

Since 2001, starting with the international renowned researcher Prof. Steven Wise and Prof. Tom Regan the FEWD organized - often in cooperation with the VGT.at - nearly forty lectures at University of Vienna. 

This serial of events started official 2001 with two world famous thinker. And includes now also Peter Singer, Jeff McMahan, Gary Steiner, Robert Garner, …

2001.11.07 Prof. Tom Regan, North Carolina State University
Vegetarianism / Veganism and animal rights

2001.03.16 Prof. Steven Wise, Harvard Law School
Are any nonhuman animals entitled to basic legal rights

2006.04.16 Prof. Markus Wild, University of Basel
Workshop Der Geist der Tiere. Philosophische Texte zu einer aktuellen Debatte.

2010.03.24 Prof. Paula Casal, ICREA Research Professor at Universitat Pompeu Fabra
Global Taxes, World Poverty and Climate Change

2010.09.10 Prof. John Sorenson, Brock University St. Catharines, Ontario
Zivilgesellschaft - Terrorismusprävention – Tierrechtsaktivismus - The Myth of “Animal Rights Terrorism”

2010.10.28 Ph.D Symposium mit Focus: Zivilgesellschaft und demokratische Partizipation.

2011.12.08 Prof. Robert Garner, University of Leicester
Animal Welfare Politics

2011.12.11 Research Fellow Dr. Matthew Cole, Open University Milton Keynes
Vegaphobia -  Asceticism and hedonism in research discourses of veg*anism

2012.03.15 Prof. Gary Steiner, Bucknell University
Book Workshop on Animals and the Limits of Postmodernism, Columbia University Press

2012.11.30 Workshop zum Buch Tier - Mensch - Ethik. - LIT Verlag

2012.03.12 Dr. Melanie Joy, University of Massachusetts Boston
Workshop Karnismus: Die Psychologie von Fleisch

2013.10.08 Prof. Ingmar Persson, Lund University
Replaceability and Peter Singer on Why Persons are Irreplaceable.

2013.09.20 Research Fellow Nick Cooney, Hofstra University
Workshop on Animal Ethics Discourse and the Social Sciences

2013.06.04 Prof. Carrie Packwood Freeman, Georgia State University in Atlanta
Workshop on Critical Animal and Media Studies: Communication for Nonhuman Animal Advocacy

2013.04.13 Research Fellow Dr. Markus Keller, Universität Giessen
Vegetarische und vegane Ernährung - Gesundheit oder Mangelernährung? Ein wissenschaftliches Update

2014.06.18 Prof. Peter Singer, Princeton  
Workshop about Practical Ethics

2014.05.23 Prof. Millstone, University of Sussex
Ernährung im öffentlichen Diskurs

2014.09.13 Research Fellow Dr. Melanie Joy, University of Massachusetts Boston
Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, and Wear Cows: An Introduction to Carnism

2014.03.11 Prof. Timothy Pachirat, New School for Social Research
Workshop on Every Twelve Seconds. Industrialized Slaughter and the Politics of Sight - Yale Agrarian Studies 

2015.01.17 Prof. Matthy Ruby, La Trobe University, Australia
Workshop on Vegetarianism. A blossoming field of study”.

2015.06.13 Prof. Carol Helstosky, University of Denver
 Workshop on Food Studies meet Vegetarianism. Focus on "The modern History of food and animal rights.

2015.12.14 Prof. Dr. Aleš Črnič, University of Ljubljana
What do we know About Veggie Culture? Researching Cultural and Social Aspects of Vegetarianism. A Slovenian Perspective

2016.03.05 Research Fellow Dr. Margo DeMello, Animals & Society Institute, Ann Arbor
Workshop on Animals and Society: An Introduction to Human-Animal Studies.  

2016.04.27 Prof. W. Edmundson, Georgia State University, Atlanta
Workshop about Do Animals Need Rights? Published in Journal of Political Philosophy

2016.04.29 Prof. Jeff McMahan, Oxford University
 Workshop on "The Ethics of Killing” Part of FEWD Focus: Analytic Bioethics in Europe"

2016.07.13 Prof. T. Kelch, Whittier College California
US Animal Law with special focus on CAFOS

2016.12.05 Prof. Stephen Newmyer, Duquesne University, Pittsburgh,
Man Alone of Animals"? Animal Emotional in Ancient and Modern Thought.

2016.09.19 Research Fellow Dr. Antoine F. Goetschel,
"Zivilgesellschaft, öffentliche Diskurse und globales Tierschutzrecht" - Global Animal Law Projekts - GAL. 

2017.01.31 Prof. Yoon In-Jin, Korea University, Seoul
Becoming a Vegetarian in Korea: The Sociocultural Implications of Vegetarian Diets” 

2017.11.03-05 FEWD cooperated with several invited researcher at the Vienna Tierrechtskongress http://tierrechtskongress.at and the  Conference on Animal Rights in Europe www.careconf.eu   

2017.04.10 Prof. Scott James, University of North Carolina,
Evolutionary Ethics. Human Evolution and the Possibility of Moral Realism. Wordshop together with Prof. Wuketits

2018 Prof. Peter Singer, Princeton
On Parfit and Consequentialism.”  2018 was filled with different small FEWD workshops releating to this lecture. Peter Singer, one of the most influential thinkers of our days, discusses Consequentialism as portrayed in Derek Parfit’s book “On What Really Matters.” In this book, Parfit describes a Triple theory which tries to combine elements of Consequentialism with Kantianism and Contractarianism.

2018 was the work of the FEWD overshaded by the too early death of a FEWD key person, Prof. Wuketits. 

2019.06.26 Prof. Volker Sommer, University College London
Non-human personhood? Demanding basic rights for our next of kin


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