AAOA - Animal Advocacy Online Anthology

Welcome to the AAOA, the Animal Advocacy Online Anthology – coordinated by FEWD.at!

A multi- and interdisciplinary platform covering international research with main focus on (Central and Eastern) Europe! 
*** Special thanks go to the CEE Online Library ***


The AAVA has two main goals:

The first is to provide inspiration to people from different academic disciplines as they explore avenues for their own research.


The second is to encourage rational public discourse and dialogue about animal advocacy in civil society.

The development of the AAVA is the outcome of different FEWD activities in the field of animal studies / ethics.

This FEWD initiative started in 2001 through the organization of the VAAL - Vienna Animal Advocacy Lectures -
https://fewd.univie.ac.at/aa/vaal/ . This series started in 2001 with a lecture by world-famous philosopher Tom Regan. The VAAL continued with selected well-established speakers as well as with junior researchers. The list of invited VAAL speakers is linked here: https://fewd.univie.ac.at/aa/vaal/history/ .


The inter- and multi-disciplinary AAOA means that there is a strong focus on animal advocacy in the context of the social sciences and humanities. The AAOA will also include research from the disciplines of law, economics, statistics, theology, agriculture, and veterinary sciences. In this connection, the very well-established social scientific research field of social movements - https://fewd.univie.ac.at/aa/movement/  - is central to the AAOA. For example, already nearly twenty handbooks and anthologies focus on social movements - https://fewd.univie.ac.at/humanism/sources/handbooks-social-movements/  In addition, about ten handbooks and anthologies focus on the different dimensions of animal advocacy - https://fewd.univie.ac.at/aa/bibliography/handbooks/


The content of the AAOA is at the moment primarily organized by country.
Pertinent country analyses are listed on the AAOA selection page -
Again, special thanks are due to the CEEOL team -

Additionally, a AAOA thesaurus is under development. 

 The FEWD is still looking for national / regional coordinators and contributors. AAOA will establish calls for papers in close cooperation with national research societies and / or with relevant journals, see https://fewd.univie.ac.at/aa/journals/

Especially worth to mention is “Politics and Animals”, a peer reviewed open-source journal since 2015. See a selection of most relevant articles for this FEWD project. See https://fewd.univie.ac.at/aa/journals/politics-and-animals/


 For many researchers - as said -  the selection of articles about animal advocacy in different countries / regions are at the moment the leading (classic) research analyses. See AAOA selection page - https://fewd.univie.ac.at/aa/country/selection/

The activity of the AAOA will rely in the future on basic financial support through the stable revenue of the Lengauer Rupert und Karoline Foundation – LRKF - https://fewd.univie.ac.at/lengauer-rupert-and-karoline-foundation/

And last but not least, the AAOA is easy to reach via  www.animal-advocacy.net or directly via the FEWD animal advocacy section https://fewd.univie.ac.at/aa/



For more information, please contact us via fewd.philosophie@univie.ac.at