Politics and Animals Journal


Politics and Animals, a peer reviewed open-source journal since 2015.
See below a selection of most relevant articles for this FEWD project.

2023 Problems with Sentientist Politics. By Jorge Valadez. https://journals.lub.lu.se/pa/article/view/23522

2024. History, Knowledge, and Organization Beyond Animal Rights Vanguardism. By Nico Müller. https://journals.lub.lu.se/pa/article/view/24935

2022. Animal Protection Organizations and Public Policy: The Case of the Netherlands. By Daphne Brouwer, Kendra Coulter, Amy Fitzgerald. https://journals.lub.lu.se/pa/article/view/23152  

2022. Should the Animal Rights Movement Make Use of Deliberative Activism? https://journals.lub.lu.se/pa/issue/view/3291

2018 Deliberative Democracy in Action. A Case Study of Animal Protection. By Robert Garner. https://journals.lub.lu.se/pa/article/view/17462

2016. Determinants of Animal Protection Policy: A Cross-Country Empirical Study. By Alexander Holst, Pim Martens. https://journals.lub.lu.se/pa/article/view/15296  

2015. The Political Turn in Animal Rights. By Tony Milligan. https://journals.lub.lu.se/pa/article/view/13512