Welcome to the basics ot the FEWD umbrella project with the working title:

Humanistic discourses, civil society and social movements in Bulgaria, Romania and the Western Balkans. A multi- and interdisciplinary analysis.

Here you find the part focusing on Bulgaria.

For this project the FEWD cooperates with different academics, university departments, non-governmental organizations, networks from Bulgaria but also from the whole Danube region and beyond.

This project honors especially the work of Prof. Manfred Wuketits. He was a specialist on philosophy of biology and ethics. And he supported since 2001 the main FEWD philosophy of liberal secular humanism in an evolutionary naturalistic tradition. Sadly Prof. Wuketits died on cancer in the age of just 63 in June 2018. And not to forget he loved as Austrian / Burgenland Croats especially the Balkan region.

Prof. Wuketits was a very engaged research partner and close friend for some member of the FEWD team since the 1980th. Since this time he established important relations to Bulgarias academia and his people in different spheres. Therefore, this project will contribute to his transnational humanistic spirit, we always admired.