Welcome to our Iintroduction about the country pages!
Since 2001 the FEWD  exchange / cooperate with researcher and institutions in the following countries - special focus on CEEC.  *** After a cyberattack 2022 we have to rebuild all pages. ***
Widely reorganized are the  country pages in bold letter.

Very important is to mention that you find already important animal advocacy / law articles at the Central Eastern European country pages of Poland, Romania and Serbia. And soon more at Italy, France, USA and Britain.

And please visit our  FEWD - University of Vienna Bibliography on Animal Advocacy / Activism / Movement / Rights / Liberation in the Social Sciences. Alphabetical organized and starting with the first academic papers in the 1970th.  

This FEWD Bibliography includes all relevant entries from our database selection especially Sociological Abstracts and Social Sciences Citation Index  - SSCI.