Aavik, Kadri 2018 The animal advocacy movement in the Baltic states: links to other social justice issues and possibilities for intersectional activism. Journal of Baltic Studies, 49:4, 509-527. To link to this article: doi.org/10.1080/01629778.2018.1473263

ABSTRACT: This article focuses on the animal advocacy movement (AAM) in the Baltic countries of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. Taking an intersectional perspective, I examine whether and how key animal activists in the Baltics see links between animal rights and other social justice issues. I also consider how the movement communicates its messages to the general public in settings where ideas around animal justice and possibilities for animal advocacy are relatively recent and unfamiliar. This analysis contributes to debates regarding possibilities for intersectional activism and collaboration between social justice movements in the Baltics and beyond. KEYWORDS: New social movementsactivismanimal advocacy movementanimal justiceintersectionalitycritical animal studiesEstoniaLatviaLithuania