Željko Kaluđerović 2022. Bioetika, zakoni i ne-ljudska živa bića - osvrt na stanje u Republici Srbiji / Bioethics, Legislation and Non-Human Animals - Review of the Situation in the Republic of Serbia. https://www.ceeol.com/search/article-detail?id=1074368

Summary / Abstract: The author analyses normative acts regulating the protection of animals, both at the national level (especially in the Republic of Serbia) and at the level of supranational organisations and state unions (the Council of Europe and the European Union), but also attempts to conceptualise the terms used in the documents observing the protection of animals. From the practical and philosophical perspective, this paper considers the terms (I) "animal" ("any vertebrate animal capable of experiencing pain, suffering, fear and stress"), (II) "welfare" ("the provision of conditions in which animals can exercise their physiological and other species-specific needs"), (III) "abuse" ("any treatment or disregard of animals, that causes pain, suffering, fear, stress, injury, damages the genetic integrity of the animal and causes death intentionally or through negligence"), and other terms relevant to understanding the prevailing anthropocentric approach to animals. The paper also examines the difficulties in implementing the adopted legislation on the protection and welfare of animals caused by an insufficiently internalised sensitivity of official institutions as well as citizens towards so-called non-human living beings. In the author's view, it is important that they do not fall below the achieved civilisational standards of ethical and moral culture in their cognitions and insights, and that they consider various topics related to animals with due caution and awareness of the dilemmas they may encounter in their professional work and lives. An appropriate pluriperspective approach and a consciousness of responsibility should eventually lead to a more sensitive attitude of said subjects towards the non-human part of the animal creation.