Austria Libraries Abroad
(Copyright  The Austria Libraries were established in 1989. In 65 locations across 28 countries, predominantly in Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe, they offer the opportunity to shape Austrian foreign cultural policy in an innovative and flexible way. They operate in partnership with local institutions (libraries and universities) in the respective host country and offer information on Austrian culture and science tailored to the respective location.

The libraries make Austrian literature as well as information on Austria's history and present accessible to a broader public. In addition, most Austria Libraries organise cultural events (readings, lectures, concerts, film screenings, exhibitions, discussions and library tours as well as symposia) in cooperation with the Austrian Cultural ForaAustrian embassies, and Austrian consulates-general in the respective host country. Through these activities, they also provide a cultural contact point in cities with no Austrian representation. The Austria Libraries welcome around 100,000 people every year.

Through their partnership with local universities and research institutions, the Austria Libraries Abroad are at the same time academic platforms. For academic staff at the Austria Libraries who team up for joint research projects, the publication series „Transkulturelle Forschungen an den Österreich-Bibliotheken im Ausland“ was created. Biennial conferences in cooperation with the Austrian Academy of Sciences enable academic staff and heads of Austria Libraries to exchange ideas and to present published research. With seminars and workshops, Austria Libraries within a country are encouraged to work together and to cooperate across borders in the form of joint projects and events.

The about fifty Austrian libraries (libraries with a connection to Austria) worldwide complement the network of the Austria Libraries.

The website on Austria Libraries provides detailed information on collections, activities and current developments of individual Austrian Libraries. It also serves to collect information, to exchange ideas and to aid visitors to the libraries as well as the librarians who work closely with the Austrian Literary Society in Vienna. Within the framework of the database, the website lists Austrian literature translated worldwide as well as research that often originates in the context of the Austria Libraries. Publications and projects of joint research are available to the members of the academic platform of the Austria Libraries. Furthermore, with the Wiener Kaffeehaus Feuilleton, the website offers thematic insights of a special kind for those interested in culture and provides an overview of essential cultural topics and intellectual debates in Austria as well as in Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe.