Welcome to our selection of handbooks on social movemements (and civil society).
Our FEWD team especially uses them for our project:

Humanistic discourses, civil society and social movements in Romania, Bulgaria and the West Balkans" 

Selected articles / book chapters you already find at the source pages at Bulgaria and Romania. Check also for research our special CEEC / Balkan journal list. And certainly use CEEOL.com or other academic databases.

Berghahn, Social movement studies in Europe. The State of the Art, 2016   

Blackwell, The Social Movements Reader: Cases and Concepts, 3rd Edition, 2014

Blackwell Readers, Social Movements: An Anthropological Reader, 2005  

The Oxford Handbook of Latin American Social Movements, 2023 

The Oxford Handbook of New Religious Movements, Volume II, 2016 

The Oxford Handbook of Social Movements, 2015  

The Oxford Handbook of Transnational Feminist Movements, 2015 

The Oxford Handbook of U.S. Women's Social Movement Activism, 2017     

The Palgrave Handbook of Social Movements, Revolution, and Social Transformation,  2019     

Routledge Handbook of Contemporary European Social Movements. Protest in Turbulent Times, 2020 

Routledge Handbook of Civil Society and Social Movements in Small State, 2023 

Springer, Handbooks of Sociology and Social Research – Book series 

Springer, Handbook of Social Movements Across Disciplines, 2nd ed. 2017