Welcome to the Bulgarian project part!

Here you will find more information about the transnational and multi- and interdisciplinary FEWD project with the working title

"The institutionalization of the camping and caravanning movement in Bulgaria and Romania. An interdisciplinary analysis"

A very short but fundamental biography for this project we placed here.

Our Bulgarian cooperation partner will be the renowned  department Geography of Tourism at the Faculty of Geology and Geography, of the "St, Kliment Ochridski" University, Sofia,

More academic source will follow.   Please visit also the Romanian project page.

Already practical information offer camping.bg  and their seven professional tours at ISSUU.com/campbg

 At the moment Bulgaria and Romania are the only EU member states with no member at the EFCO&HPA - European Federation of Campingsite Organisations and Holiday Park Association

But there are already - more or less active - Bulgarian and Romanian member societies of the Brussel based - F.I.C.C. - Fédération Internationale de Camping, Caravanning et Autocaravaning AISBL. 

Important is to embed further research and activity into the EU Danube Region programms.

Especially worth to mention is Europe's First Master Degree On Sustainable Outdoor Hospitality Management.