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The FEWD project stays in a long time Europe - Russia dialog tradition.

Main example are the Austrian - Russia  Sochi Dialog, German - Russia Saint Petersburg Dialog, and the Latvia - Russia Cross-border Cooperation Program.

* Die FEWD empfiehlt für deutschsprachige Russlandprojekte als Ansprechpartner den Germanisten- und Deutschlehrerverband Russlands

Here you will find soon more information about the plannend FEWD Project on humanistic / secular (bio)-ethics  with our Russian colleaugues.

Several universities of our partners stretch from St. Petersburg and Moskow over the Ural and Siberia to the Far East of Russia. Therefore we will support more multilingual cultural information about the famous Trans-Siberian Railway and also about the Trans-Siberian Highway at Wikipedia and WikiVoyage.

Long time project partner are working at Saint Petersburg State University.

The FEWD still recommends for visitors the Lonely Planet Guide Russia as a must buy for every tour. Especially for tours beyond Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Below Russia regions - based on Lonely Planet Guide Russia.

Moscow - Golden Ring - St. Petersburg - Western European Russia - Kaliningrad Region - Northern European Russia - Volga Region - Russian Caucasus - The Urals - Western Siberia - Eastern Siberia - Russian Far East

FEWD visiting tours in Russia and the  TSHW project.

FEWD is cooperation partner of ERCCP.