BPRG-Balkans Policy Research Group

BPRG is an independent, nonpartisan think tank dedicated to contributing to state-building and societal harmony in Kosovo, and to facilitating state reconciliation in Kosovo and peace in the Western Balkans. Through evidence- based research, analysis, advocacy, policy dialogue and expertise, its ultimate aim is to bring the region closer to the EU. Balkans Group was established in Kosovo in 2013, as a successor of the work established by the International Crisis Group (ICG). Our strategic orientations address key challenges of Kosovo’s state-building process, which proves to be a monumental task for the Kosovo society. We are committed to supporting the goals of better functioning of institutions, democratic consolidation, integration of minorities, resolution of neighbourly disputes, and advancing the EU agenda. All of our work is based on extensive, on the ground field research carried out by our own staff, coupled with interviews with national and international leaders, which has enabled our staff to develop an extensive network of contacts in Western Balkans.