Some sources for the FEWD project concept: Humanistic discourses, civil society and social movements in Bulgaria and Romania. - Here is the focus on Romania!

Starting with the values of the “classical” humanist manifestos   moving to the goals and work of the national, European and International Humanist networks.

Below you find some chronological organized information about basic publications for further research. Inspiration for this FEWD project we receive beside different philosophical institutes especially from the European Sociological Association Research Network Social Movements  and the International Sociological Association with the Research Committee 47 Social Classes and Social Movements and 48 Social Movements, Collective Action and Social  Change    


2020: Internal Functioning of Romanian Non-Profit Organizations – A New Governance Model And its Effect on Services and Community Relations. in: Transylvanian Review of Administrative Sciences,

2020: Learning in Social Action in Contexts of Mining Dispossession: A Critical Case Study of Roșia Montană, Romania. Master thesis at University of Alberta,

2020 Freethought and Atheism in Central and Eastern Europe. The Development of Secularity and Non-Religion. Routledge,   

2019: The reconfiguration of social movements in post-2011 Romania. In: Social Movement Studies,  /       

2018: Collective memory and social movements in times of crisis: the case of Romania. In: Nationalities Papers.       

2018: Cooperation, struggles, and rebounds. Civil society vs. political authorities in Romania. Book chapter.

2018: Social Movement and Civil Society in Post-communist Romania: Local Evolution, Global Comparison. In: Anthropological Researches and Studies,

2018: Between continuities and social change. Extra-parliamentary radical left in post-communist Romania. In: East European Politics.

2018: Die sozialen Bewegungen in Rumänien. / Social movements in Romania. Master thesis at University of Vienna.

2017: Political Participation in Romania: Low Turnout, Protests and Anti-Establishment Party (2012–2017). Master thesis at University of Graz, -

2017 Civil Society as a key player towards consolidating democracy. The cases of Romania and Serbia in comparative perspective. Master thesis.

2016: Civic disenchantment and political distress: the case of the Romanian Autumn. in: East European Politics,


2016: The battle for the " Romanian Autumn " – good governance versus anti-capitalist discourses in the Romanian 2013 protests.

2015: Social Movements in Central and Eastern Europe. A renewal of protests and democracy. This collection of conference papers includes the introduction A second generation of grassroots movements in Central and Eastern Europe? and more than 20 other articles. Edited book - published by the University of Bucharest. All 319 PDF pages are online via


2015: The Romanian Anti-Systemic 2012-2014 Cycle: From an Apparent Critical Position to Reasimiliation in the Old Political System. Master thesis at CEU,

2015: Rediscovering Protest: Reflections on the Development and Consequences of the Early 2012 Romanian Protests. In: Journal of Identity and Migration Studies.     

2015: Mapping protests against dog culling in post-communist Romania. In: Area, 

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