Prof. Remus Creţan

Cretan, Remus 2015, Mapping protests against dog culling in post-communist Romania. Area, 47(2), 155-165. 

Abstract: This paper explores the spatial expressions and ethical implications of culling dogs. The harsh treatment of street dogs by the Romanian government's hired companies, following the mauling of a child, generated a divide in the opinions of those in authority, animal rights NGOs and the general public. Beyond the case study stands a wider geographical analysis of the media reporting of the protest events on culling dogs and a public opinion survey about the welfare of dogs in Romania. Basing on the theoretical framework of the literature on more-than-human geographies, this contribution presents a critical review of the public response to governmental measures to rapidly implement a street dog law. Different discourses and counter-discourses are considered, from which a framework for improving the ethics of culling dogs could be built.