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  • LaFollette, Hugh (Hg.) 2003. The Oxford Handbook of Practical Ethics. Oxford, Oxford University Press.

I. Our Personal Lives1 Nancy Tuana and Laurie Shrage: Sexuality
2 Neera K. Badhwar: Love
3 Brenda Almond: Family
II. Moral Status4 David Archard: Children
5 John Harris and Soren Holm: Abortion
6 Robert Wachbroit and David Wasserman: Reproductive Technology
7 R. G. Frey: Animals
8 Kristin Shrader-Frechette: Environment
III. Equality9 Rosemarie Tong: Gender and Sexual Discrimination
10 Naomi Zack: Race and Racial Discrimination
11 Walter Feinberg: Affirmative Action
12 Anita Silvers: People with Disabilities
IV. The Just Society13 R. A. Duff: Punishment
14 Andrew Altman: Freedom of Speech and Religion
15 Douglas N. Husak: Legal Paternalism
16 John Arthur: Multi-culturalism
17 Jonathan Wolff: Economic Justice
18 Alex Gosseries: Inter-generational Justice
19 Anita L. Allen: Privacy
20 R. Edward Freeman and Patricia H. Werhane: Corporate Responsibility
21 Michael Davis: Whistleblowing
V. Justice and International Relations22 Chandran Kukathas: Immigration
23 Wayne Norman: National Autonomy
24 Debra Satz: International Economic Justice
25 Nigel Dower: World Hunger
VI. Life and Death26 Margaret P. Battin: Euthanasia and Physician Assisted Suicide
27 Hugo Adam Bedau: Capital Punishment
28 Henry Shue: War

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