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  • Dreier, James (Hg.) 2006. Contemporary Debates in 
    Moral Theory. Malden, MA, Blackwell.


Notes on Contributors.

Introduction James Dreier.

Part I: Normative Theory.

Is the rightness of action determined by the value of consequences?.

1. The Consequentialist Perspective: William Shaw.

2. Against Maximizing Act-Consequentialism: Peter Vallentyne.

3. Reasons with Demands: Rethinking Rightness: Alastair Norcross.

Can contract theory ground morality?.

4. Moral Contractarianism as a Foundation for Interpersonal Morality: Samuel Freeman.

5. Can Contract Theory Ground Morality?: Philip Pettit.

Are the virtues the proper starting point for ethical theory?.

6. Are virtues the proper starting point for morality?: Rosalind Hursthouse.

7. Virtue theory: Julia Driver.

Part II: Reason and Motivation.

Are moral requirements derived from reason?.

8. Reason, Sentiment, and Categorical Imperatives: Samuel J. Kerstein.

9. Must We Weep for Sentimentalism?: Simon Blackburn.

Is motivation internal to moral judgment?.

10. How do moral judgments motivate? : Sigrún Svavarsdóttir.

11. Moral Motivation: R. Jay Wallace.

Part III: Moral Facts and Explanations.

Is morality fully factual?.

12. Moral Factualism: Peter Railton.

13. Morality without Moral Facts: Terry Horgan and Mark Timmons.

Do moral facts and properties explain anything?.

14. Moral Explanations Defended: Nicholas L. Sturgeon.

15. Moral Epistemology and the Because Constraint: Nick Zangwill.

Are there general moral principles?.

16. Ethical Generality and Moral Judgment: Robert Audi.

17. Defending Moral Particularism: Mark Lance and Margaret O. Little.

Index of Subjects.

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