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  • Chadwick, Ruth (Hg.) 1998. Encyclopedia of Applied Ethics (4 Volumes). San Diego, Academic Press.
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Table of Contents

ARTICLES FEATURED in the ENCYCLOPEDIA: Abortion. Accounting and Business Ethics. Acts and Omissions. Adoption. Advance Directives. Advertising. Affirmative Action. Aged Persons, Societal Attitudes Toward. Ageism. Agricultural Ethics. AIDS. AIDS in the Developing World. AIDS Treatment and Bioethics in South Africa. Alternative Medicine. Altruism and Economics. Animal Research. Animal Rights. Anthropocentrism. Applied Ethics, Challenges To. Applied Ethics, Overview. Archaeological Ethics. Aristotelian Ethics. Arts, The. Auditing Practices. Authority in Education. Autonomy. Biocentrism. Biodiversity. Bioethics, Overview. Biotechnology. Birth-Control Ethics. Birth-Control Technology. Brain Death. Broadcast Journalism. Buddhism. Business and Economic Ethics, Overview. Capital Punishment. Casuistry. Censorship. Child Abuse. Children's Rights. Christian Ethics, Protestant. Christian Ethics, Roman Catholic. Citizenship. Civil Disobedience. Civilian Populations in War, Targeting Of. Codes of Ethics. Coercive Treatment in Psychiatry. Collective Guilt. Communitarianism. Computer and Information Ethics. Computer Security. Confidentiality, General Issues Of. Confidentiality of Sources. Conflict of Interest. Confucianism. Consequentialism and Deontology. Conservation (Stewardship). Consumer Rights. Contractarian Ethics. Corporal Punishment. Corporate Responsibility. Corporations, Ethics In. Courtroom Proceedings, Reporting Of. Crime and Society. Custody of Children. Darwinism. Death, Definition Of. Death, Medical Aspects Of. Death, Societal Attitudes Toward. Deep Ecology. Development Ethics. Development Issues. Disability Rights. Discourse Ethics. Discrimination, Concept Of. Distributive Justice, Theories Of. Divorce. Do-Not-Resuscitate Decisions. Drugs: Moral and Legal Issues. Ecological Balance. Egoism and Altruism. Election Strategies. Electronic Surveillance. Embryology, Ethics Of. Environmental Compliance By Industry. Environmental Economics. Environmental Ethics, Overview. Environmental Impact Assessment. Environmental Justice. Epicurianism. Equality and Egalitarianism. Ethics and Social Services, Overview. Ethics Education in Schools. Ethnocultural Minority Groups, Status and Treatment Of. Eugenics. Euthanasia. Evolutionary Perspectives in Ethics. Executive Compensation. Existentialism. Exploitation. Family, The. Female Circumcision and Genital Mutilation. Feminist Ethics. Feminist Jurisprudence. Fetal Research. Fetus. Freedom of Speech. Freedom of the Press in the U.S. Freudianism. Friendship. Gaia Hypothesis. Gambling. Game Theory. Gender Roles. Gene Therapy. Genetic Counselling. Genetic Engineering. Genetic Research. Genetics and Behaviour. Genetic Screening. Genetic Technology, Legal Regulation Of. Genome Analysis. Government Funding of Research. Greek Ethics, Overview. Gun Control. Hazardous and Toxic Substances. Health and Disease, Concept Of. Health Care Financing. Hedonism. Higher Education, Ethics Of. Hinduism. Homelessness. Homicide, Criminal Vs. Justifiable. Homosexuality, Societal Attitudes Toward. Honor Codes. Human Nature, Views Of. Human Research Subjects, Selection Of. Humanism. Imperialism. Improper Payments and Gifts. Indigenous Rights. Infertility. Information Management. Informed Consent. Insanity, Legal Concept Of. Intelligence Testing. Internet Protocol. Investment, Ethics Of. Islam. Judaism. Jury Conduct. Juvenile Crime. Kantianism. Land-Use Issues. Leadership, Ethics Of. Legal Ethics, Overview. Liberalism. Life, Concept Of. Literature and Ethics. Machiavellianism. Marxism. Media Depiction of Ethnic Minorities. Media Ownership. Medical Codes and Oaths. Medical Ethics, History Of. Medical Ethics, Use of Historical Evidence In. Medical Futility. Mental Health. Mental Illness, Concept Of. Mercy and Forgiveness. Mergers and Acquisitions. Military Codes of Behaviour. Moral Development. Moral Relativism. National Security Issues. Native American Cultures. Nature Vs. Nurture. Nuclear Deterrence. Nuclear Power. Nuclear Testing. Nuclear Warfare. Nurses' Ethics. Objectivity in Reporting. Organ Transplants and Donors. Pacifism. Painism. Palliative Care. Patents. Paternalism. Patients' Rights. Perfectionism. Personal Relationships. Placebo Treatment. Plagiarism and Forgery. Platonism. Playing God. Pluralism in Education. Police Accountability. Police and Race Relations. Political Correctness. Political Ecology. Political Obligation. Population Ethics. Pornography. Poststructuralism. Poverty. Precautionary Principle. Preventive Medicine. Privacy. Privacy Vs. Public Right to Know. Professional Ethics. Property Rights. Prostitution. Psychiatric Ethics. Psychopharmacology and Drug Market. Psychosurgery and Physical Brain Manipulation. Public Defenders. Public Relations Industry. Publish-Or-Perish Syndrome. Quality of Life Indicators. Racism. Rape. Religion and Ethics. Religion in Schools. Reproductive Technologies. Research Ethics. Research Ethics Committees. Research Methods and Policies. Resource Allocation. Rights Theory. Safety Laws (Seat Belts, Public Smoking, Etc.). Science and Engineering Ethics, Overview. Scientific Publishing. Self-Deception. Sex Equality. Sexism. Sexual Content in Films and Television. Sexual Harassment. Sexual Orientation. Sikhism. Slavery. Slippery Slope Arguments. Social Ethics, Overview. Social Security. Social Welfare and Finance of Social Services. Social Work. Speciesism. Sports, Ethics Of. Stoicism. Strikes. Suggestion, Ethics Of. Suicide. Sustainability. Tabloid Journalism. Taoism. Terrorism. Theories of Ethics, Overview. Theories of Justice: Human Needs. Theories of Justice: Rawls. Thomism. Tourism. Trade Secrets and Proprietary Information. Transsexualism. Trust. Truth-Telling as Constitutive of Journalism. Undercover Investigations, Ethics Of. Utilitarianism. Vegetarianism. Veterinary Ethics. Victimless Crimes. Violence in Films and Television. Virtue Ethics. Warfare, Codes Of. Warfare, Tactics and Strategies. Welfare Policies. Whistle-Blowing. Wildlife Conservation. Women's Rights. Workplace Ethics. World Ethics. Zoos and Zoological Parks.          


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