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FEWD Veranstaltung:

30.März, 18.00 Tierrechtsvortrag: “Größe kraft Geburt. Die Aristokratie der Menschenrechte”  
Vortragender: Raffael Fasel, Cambridge.
Vortrag ist auf Deutsch!

Veranstaltungsort ist die Galerie im Yamm, Universitätsring 10! Abstract:  “Human rights and human dignity bear many similarities to the privileges and high rank aristocrats used to possess. Both human beings and aristocrats hold their rights and privileges simply in virtue of being born into a dignified status. This status guarantees the equal rights of all its members, and excludes from right-holdership all those not belonging to it. The paper argues that contemporary human rights and dignity approaches are best understood in light of this analogy, and spells out the principal features and weaknesses of this aristocratic conception of human rights.”

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