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FEWD Beitrag zu "Analytic Bioethics in Europe"

Prof. Jeff McMahan spricht zu "The Ethics of Killing" Diese Veranstaltung findet am Freitagnachmittag, den 29. April 2016 ab 19.00 Uhr, Hörsaal 3 D (nicht 3 A) im dritten Stock des NIG, 1010 Wien, Universitätsstr. 7 statt. 
Prof. Jeff McMahan, ist seit 2014 in Oxford White's Professor of Moral Philosophy. Seine Publikationen  http://jeffersonmcmahan.com/publications/  insbesondere die Monographie  “The Ethics of Killing. Problems at the Margins of Life” http://fewd.univie.ac.at/index/m/mcmahan-jeff/ zählen international zu den meistdiskutierten einschlägigen Werken.

"This is analytic philosophy par excellence, one that works the mind as an arduous mountain climb works the body." -- Journal of the American Academy of Religion

Vorweg für den Vortrag besonders empfehlenswerte Literatur McMahan, Jeff 2005. Our Fellow Creatures. The Journal of Ethics 9 (3-4): 353-380. Abstract: This paper defends “moral individualism” against various arguments that have been intended to show that membership in the human species or participation in our distinctively human form of life is a sufficient basis for a moral status higher than that of any animal.

McMahan, Jeff. 2008. Challenges to Human Equality. Journal of Ethics, 12 (1): 81-104. Abstract: According to liberal egalitarian morality, all human beings are one another's moral equals. Nonhuman animals, by contrast, are not considered to be our moral equals. This essay considers two challenges to the liberal egalitarian view. One is the ``separation problem,'' which is the challenge to identify a morally significant intrinsic difference between all human beings and all nonhuman animals. The other is the “equality problem,” which is to explain how all human beings can be morally equal when there are some human beings whose psychological capacities (and, in some cases, their psychological potentials as well) are no higher than those of certain nonhuman animals. The focus throughout is on the ethics of killing but the arguments are of broader relevance. The essay reaches a skeptical conclusion about our ability to meet these challenges. Keywords animals, cognitive disability equality killing.  Texte online unter http://jeffersonmcmahan.com/publications/

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