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Prof. D. Greimann, Fluminense Federal University , Brasilien

FEWD Veranstaltung
12. 12. 2016 in 1010 Wien, Universitätsstr. 7, Stock 3

Vortrag zu  Greimann, Dirk. 2004. Ist Kants Ethik ontologisch unschuldig? Kant Studien, 95 (1): 107-127.

The purpose of this paper is to clarify whether Kant's ethics is "ontologically innocent" in the sense that its acceptance does not involve any ontological commitments. According to Mackie, this question has to be denied because the validity of categorical imperatives presupposes the existence of "objective values". According to Habermas, on the other hand, Kant's ethics is ontologically neutral because in it the realms of "is" and "ought" are strictly separated. The paper tries to show that, although Kant intended his ethics to be ontologically innocent, it is actually committed to the (Platonist) ontology of "objective values"..

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