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FEWD / Uni Wien Veranstaltung zum Fokus "Food Studies meet Vegetarianism" mit den Schwerpunkten

"The modern History of Food  and Animal Rights,"

Prof. Carol Helstosky; Department of History, University of Denver

( Teilnahme nur nach vorheriger Anmeldung per Email an fewd.philosophie@univie.ac.at)

Nach der Veranstaltung ist jede/r herzlich eingeladen zur "informellen Nachbesprechung" ins bewährte Yamm - 1010 Wien, Universitätsring 10

--- In Kooperation mit der VGÖ -

Much of my research has looked at the ways in which food consumption became a politically-charged issue in modern European history.  My first book, Garlic and Oil: Food and Politics in Modern Italy, examined this issue in the context of liberal, fascist, and democratic regimes in Italy. I have also published Pizza: A Global History and Food Cultures of the Mediterranean.  Recently, I edited The Routledge History of Food, a collection of essays that highlights the latest trends in global food history.  I continue to be interested in food history and lately my attention is drawn toward the history of “not eating meat” or the history of food cultures that were mostly vegetarian out of necessity.  I am also interested in Italian culture, especially the history of relations between Italians and non-Italians.  I have published articles and I am finishing up a book project on the history of the art market in nineteenth- and early twentieth-century Italy.

My teaching interests are mainly in the areas of nineteenth- and twentieth-century European history. I am especially interested in cultural and political history and I teach both survey classes in modern European history as well as more specialized classes in fascism, nationalism, historiography, and topics in world history. I teach courses in the history of food, the history of the Italian mafia, and World Wars I and II.  http://www.du.edu/ahss/history/facultystaff/helstosky.html

Selected Publications:
Helstosky, Carol (ed.) 2015. The Routledge History of Food. New York, NY, Routledge.

Helstosky, Carol 2013. Food studies and animal rights. In. Albala, Ken (ed.). Routledge International Handbook of Food Studies. New York, NY, Routledge: 306-317.

Helstosky, Carol 2009. Food Culture in the Mediterranean. Westport, CT, Greenwood Press.

Helstosky, Carol 2008. Pizza: A Global History. London, Reaktion Books.

Helstosky, Carol 2004. Garlic and Oil: Food and Politics in Italy. London, Berg.

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