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FEWD Vorlesungsreihe "Ernährung im öffentlichen Diskurs"

Prof. Eric Millstone - University of Sussex,  Professor in Science and Technology Policy (SPRU - Science and Technology Policy Research, School of Business, Management and Economics)

spricht Freitag 23. Mai ab 18.30  im großen Saal der Urania im Rahmen der Vortragsreihe "Ernährung im öffentlichen Diskurs" über
Food & Security

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Rückfragehinweis: Dr. Sebastian Bohrn Mena, VHS Penzing und Mag. Erwin Lengauer, FEWD / Universität Wien

In his lecture, Prof. Millstone is intending to focus on competing understandings of the concept  of ‘food security’ and in that context will refer to and comment on topics including the 'meatification' of our diet, ethical and environmental issues, and also socio-economic issues such as land grabbing.  He will characterise ‘food security’ from his perspective in terms of ‘sufficiency, sustainability, safety and equity’, and review debates on all those themes.

Professor Millstone stellt in das Zentrum seines Vortrags das Konzept der Ernährungssicherheit. In diesem Zusammenhang behandelt er neben den ethischen und ökologischen Aspekten das Problem des massiven weltweiten Zuwachses an Fleisch in der Ernährung und den sozio-ökonomischen Aspekten des Landraubes zur Produktion billiger Futtermittel und Agrartreibstoffe. Professor Millstone erklärt Ernährungssicherheit in den Begriffen Selbstversorgung, Nachhaltigkeit, Sicherheit und Gerechtigkeit und nimmt hierzu ausführlich Stellung.

Short bio: Erik Millstone is a Professor of Science Policy at the University of Sussex, in England.  He is also joint leader of the STEPS Centre’s work on Agriculture and Food policy. His first degree was in Physics, followed by three in Philosophy.  Since 1974 he has been researching into the causes, consequences and regulation of technological change in the food and chemical industries.  His work has been supported at different times by the UK Social and Economic Research Council and the European Commission, government departments and legislative institutions in the UK, USA, Germany, and across the EU.  His research has encompassed topics including: food additives, pesticides, BSE, GM crops, microbial risks and obesity. Much of his current STEPS work is focussed on ways of responding to the emergence of zoonotic infections in both East Africa and Western China. As well as those individual topics he has worked at a higher level of generality, developing an account of the conditions under which science-based risk management policy-making can achieve both scientific and democratic legitimacy. He has published over 40 papers in peer-reviewed journals and 11 books. More details are available at: http://www.sussex.ac.uk/profiles/1836

Siehe auch http://foodethics.univie.ac.at/the-atlas-of-food/

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