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Veranstaltung mit Univ. Prof. Dr. John Sorenson zum Thema

Zivilgesellschaft - Terrorismusprävention – Tierrechtsaktivismus

Freitag, 10. September 2010, 18.00 c.t.

Wo: NIG, Neues Institutsgebäude der Universität Wien, Universitätsstr. 7, 1010 Wien, 3. Stock,

(genaue Hörsaal wird vor Ort ausgeschildert)


The Myth of “Animal Rights Terrorism”

Prevention of terrorism is a serious concern and we rightly wish to protect innocent people from violence.  However, the “terrorism” label is increasingly being manipulated and devalued by those who wish to use it to criminalize dissent.  In North America and in the United Kingdom powerful industries such as agribusiness and pharmaceuticals have spent millions on lobbying government to create repressive laws to protect their interests and on propaganda campaigns to demonize animal activists.  To serve their own interests, industries have invented a myth of “animal rights terrorism.”  In this presentation, Dr. John Sorenson will discuss some of the institutional interests active in these campaigns.

John Sorenson is a Professor in the Department of Sociology at Brock in St. Catharines, Ontarion/Canada, where he teaches Critical Animal Studies.  He is the author of several books, including About Canada: Animal Rights (Fernwood) and Ape (Reaktion).

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