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Welcome to the Goals of the FEWD project AAE - Animal Advocacy in Europe!

Coordinated is this project by the international FEWD network.

This network started already 1986 as a student platform.

And continued since 2001 as part of the FEWD at University of Vienna with the Vienna Animal Advocacy Lectures.

See here a list of the invited speaker.

For the future the Central East European Countries and there the Danube region are our essential areas of research and cooperation.

In these countries for the first time ever a new generation of researcher are dealing with animal advocacy.

So one of our main goals is to establish there and beyond together better research and governance structures.
And also, to bring these researcher for the first time on the editorial boards of internationally established animal advocacy journals

The AAE transnational research activity includes additional extensive (video) interviews as part of our oral history methodology.

And maybe one of the most important humanistic goals is to support and motivate through research in all countries the civil society and their social movements. See for example: „The importance of cognitive appeals is effectively explored in the animal rights movement, in which protesters have strategically opted for logical, rational arguments specifically to deflect criticism of sentimentality and playing to emotions”. Source: Buechler, Steven 2011. Understanding Social Movements: Theories from the Classical Era to the Present. Boulder, CO, Paradigm Publishers. Page 205.

Accessible is this project via Animal-Advocacy.eu at University of Vienna.

For more information, please contact

 fewd.philosophie@univie.ac.at and / or Erwin.lengauer@univie.ac.at




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